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Sadegh Alirezaie

Linux Enthusiast

After More Than 2 Years Of Support And Working On Linux Server, I Still Like To Learn More About Linux, And Work With It. And By The Way, Of Course I Feel Free To Say Linux Rather Than Gnu/Linux.

Software Engineer

I Study Software Engineering At ACECR.
I Really Like To Contribute And Work On Open-Source Projects. I Use To Develope Websites And Applications Using Python, And Already Learning C/C++ And Operating Systems.


Call of Duty 4 Player, Professional? Yes If I Have A Good ISP (Which Is Impossible In Iran).
Video Games Does Not Make Us Violent, Lag Does -Unknown
Currently And Forever With Love In Capitains Clan.

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Benvenuto in Italia

Benvenuto in Italia, The Home Of Pizzas And Spaghettis, The Land Of Beautifulness And The Home Of Mafia!
I Love Italy, However I'm Not Living There But I Speak Italian A Little, Also Got Some Cool And Awesome Italian Friends That I Like Them Especially -NN- Cassano, Our Biker Guy!